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Delta Junction AK Beautiful Blessing Doll Collection by Raveen James

Beautiful Blessing Doll Collection Creates Positive Energy and Self-Esteem for Delta Junction AK Girls and Women

Natasha N. Goss, Artistic writer and author of "Color the World with You" shares about Raveen James, "It has been an absolute joy working alongside Raveen James. Her Beautiful Blessings campaign has been truly inspirational and I am happy to to be a part of such an empowering movement.

From the conception to completion, Raveen has orchestrated a product and idea that enables young black girls, and women to take pride in their beauty.

For so long, we, black women have sat on the sidelines and watched industry after industry purposely ignore our existence by creating products that do not cater to our unique attributes.

Our skin, hair, color, style, body type, and culture have been underlooked, which in turn has led so many of us to despise and/or disguise our God-given uniqueness.

Beautiful Blessings dolls are quite the opposite. Raveen has successfully created a doll that not only captures our beauty, but also tells our story. Each curvaceous and full-figured doll contains a message that reminds women of color, we are more than just factory standard".

“Beautiful Blessings is very excited to be a part of Angelina Musik's Enterprising Women’s Book which will be featured in the November Issue of O, the Oprah Magazine. Each woman is impacting the world in a special way. Angelina and Oprah are inspirational by offering women a platorm to showcase their contributions. Beautful Blessings appreciates the opportunity.” Raveen James,

"I would like to nominate Raveen James for a 2019 Enterprising Women's Angel Award for her social enterprise 'I Am a Beautiful Blessing's Doll Collection' and will recognize her in November's O, the Oprah Magazine Issue through my Angelina Musik's Wellness by Choice section which introduces authentic experts who help us live smarter, healthier and happier to almost 500,000 O Magazine subscribers." Angelina Musik.

"I’ve seen girls feel insecure about their looks at a young age based on what they see mostly of in toy stores. Beautiful blessings doll collection is a platform that encourages children and young ladies that everyone is different and accepted. Whether your smaller or bigger, everyone is beautiful. As a father to be of a young girl, I couldn’t be happier to purchase dolls that personifies a positive image that my daughter can embrace and mirror," says Christopher Lee, CEO, Prominence Insurance, Duluth, GA 30096

My name is Raveen James. I have been in product development for over 20 years. I am inspired by so many women and girls especially those Beautiful Blessings who overcame extreme challenges. Pain causes purpose. I am an advocate for health – body, mind, and soul. I discovered my purpose while challenging myself to impact others and create a new lifestyle for myself. I love fashion and speaking engagements. I used to model I have two sons. Most importantly, I love God and spreading that love globally. My core message is to do something positive with your life.

What inspired you to create Beautiful Blessings Doll Collection?

I played with dolls when I was younger. My mother had a challenging time trying to find dolls that looked like me. As an adult, I did not like the dolls that I was finding in toy stores. The dolls were not inspiring nor offered diversity. Many toy stores only carry certain types of dolls and do not offer variety. I would often want to make doll purchases for birthdays and holidays and would be disappointed.

The Beautiful Blessings Doll Collection will cater to all. The world is big and mindsets need to be expanded. Our children are too important and I want to leave an impressionable mark for the next generation. We should inspire each other and formulate a spirit of growth and development in our communities. The world is full of powerful girls and women and it is time to showcase that spirit and empowerment. Beauty starts within.

I am inspired by Oprah, Viola Davis, Michele Obama, Pastor Kim Pothier, and Christine Caine just to name a few. There are soo many powerful and beautiful women that have inspired me and this is my way of giving back to society. A negative mind will never get you a positive life. Your thoughts matter. We all go through challenges. We have to rise above them and keep going forward to reach destiny. You will have fear, doubts, and disbelief, but know that you are gifted and blessed despite those feelings. All you can change is yourself and start to see how that change impacts and grows you. I remember a quote from Oprah, “Be the you that you want to see in the world.”

What was your overall goal when beginning the process to create the Beautiful Blessings Doll Collection?

My key goal was to let both girls and women know that beauty starts within. Do not worry about what others say about you or any societal messages that are negative. Create positive energy within yourself and KNOW that you are a Beautiful Blessing. You were created with your own “unique” beauty and purpose. Those are the traits that make you a Beautiful Blessing. You do not need approval from anyone. I also wanted to create a sense of unity. Instead of tearing each other down, let’s inspire each other and build each other up.

Tell us about the different type of collections you have within your brand.

As this brand is new, there are 3 dolls that were created. Deborah, Mary, and the Virtuous Lady. Deborah is powerfully dressed in her red suit with rhinestones with a beautiful brimmed hat. Mary is distinguished dressed in a black-white suit with a fur hat. Virtuous Lady is dignified. She is in a white suit with pearls and rhinestones. Elegance is also a form of beauty. The doll accessories will cater to all. Women and girls love fashion and we are all different in our styles and tastes. One is no better than the other. It is a matter of choice and how you choose to represent yourself. This collection will have casual to dressy.

What can we expect to see from you and your brand in the future?

So I love my sorority girls and women. As I teenager and in college, I had friends that were Delta’s and AKAs. As a native Philadelphian, I attended many Greek picnics and functions. I loved meeting these “sisters” from all over the world. In my adult life, I started meeting other sororities. Last summer, I met with some AKA’s and Delta. Both of these sororities asked if I would consider the Zetas and Sigma Rho sororities. Truly inspiring to meet these beautiful women and I loved that they considered others beyond themselves truly representing sisterhood. Of course, I said yes! I would consider anything that would promote sisterhood and positivity. There will be more surprises coming from the Beautiful Blessings Collection.

Contact Raveen James: visit ; email ; call 844-302-1380


Life will always be to a large extent what we ourselves make it.
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